Privacy Policy

Here is my privacy policy for interested website users:

  • I respect your privacy. I won’t use your email id and name other than sending you my newsletter (if you have subscribed) or contact you in reference to any issue which is currently open or was open in the past between you and me.
  • I won’t share your personal data e.g. E-mail id, Contact Number with any third party which is not related to Evermore Press, LLC.
  • My newsletter will always include a link for opting out anytime. As soon as you opt-out, you are automatically removed.
  • Any cookies on my website are used to ensure normal website functions (for instance, YouTube videos won’t work without their own identifiers). These cookies cannot be switched off because the website wouldn’t work properly anymore. However, these identifiers do not store any personal data.
  • When you leave a comment, WordPress stores your gravatar name, IP Address, comment, and email address. Therefore, leaving a comment is considered a clear affirmative, specific, and unambiguous action as defined by the GDPR giving me consent to store this information, and permission to contact you in the future by email.

Randy Ellefson, Owner
Evermore Press, LLC